Router – 192.168.l.254 is a Login Admin. The common default IP address used bу many routers iѕ Therefore, tо configure wireless router ѕеttings on our сomputer ѕystem, there is need to set thеm using the same network. Mostly household broadband routers have the IP address including many Belkin and SMC models. It is built as a default access point by the creator one but it can be altered. We can Proceed tо thе setup interface tо get оur network wоrking Correctly.

How to Login to

If you want to open the admin panel of your router, you just put in the address bar of your browser. It will require login credentials your username and password if you put write address. Now when you log in it you can change many options here. Occasionally your router is detached from the internet. In this situation, your browser gives an error message that the webpage is not available.

Restrictions of Using

If you are using, then you cannot attach another router which is exterior from your home network. It happens due to the usage of a private IPv4 network address. If you want to use two routers on your home network at the parallel time then it is only possible if both have different addresses, To know about the address of local router you can look up the default gateway on a device which is connected to it.


With the admin panel, you can change the default local address setting and also your router’s setting. You can change the preferences of your IP address either or in the LAN section which is present in Network option when you are signed in it.


For accessing modem’s admin panel, simply write in the browser’s address bar. If you do not remember your password or you are confused regarding your password then you can reset your modem to its factory settings by pressing the reset button

Advantages of using IP 192.168.l.254

  • One major advantage of these devices is that the IP address can be conveniently used by two different users belonging to a different network with little or no risk of conflict.
  • No need of using additional switches or any separate DHCP server when using this IP address since your router will help accomplish different tasks.
  • The IP address can be used to manage and monitor the function of the router and transmission of information is made easy using this IP address. You can also use this IP address as the default gateway and the IP address is used for data processing and to send data to different locations and destinations.

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