192.168.l00.1 – 192.168.l00.1 This IP address is one of the absolute most popular IP addresses which can be private in nature. IANA has booked a exceptional assortment of IP addresses for both private networks and 192.168.l00.1 will fit within that perfectly. Even the ip address address is employed as an default ip address address for a variety of routers and also modems that you employ in your home or in your own offices. However, the ip address address is going to use successfully at those regions where the former might fail. It can allow you to get into the router after adjusting the brand new devices.


A more common word in internet terminology now, The IP address  (also known as host address), has multiple purposes, probably the most significant being linking to the web. It is an speech symbolized by means of a listing of 4 numbers separated by three periods. Employing the’Username’ and’Password’ given by the Internet Service Provider and also the ip of the media product, the consumer can only login to the router and connect to the net. One among the many IP addresses you may came around is, that’s the default IP address of a particular media device. It’s an exclusive internet protocol address and can be different for diverse devices.

how to login

  1. Open your device’s internet browser if your router is running on an IP address code.
  2. In the browser’s address bar, input the browser ID and hit Enter.
  3. After this step to enter for a unique username and password.
  4. For filling in these details correctly .
  5. Once you have logged in successfully,
  6. You can configure the other settings or simply use the Internet.

Features of IP address

  • This IP address helps its users to connect the router in easy way.
  • User friendly router IP address.
  • This IP address is connection process simple and connect with fast.
  • This routers IP address life in long time use.
  • This router IP wife connection connect with more then 5 device.

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