Admin Login is an IPv4 address that is only used for private networks. All the routers have their own Default IP addresses based on their brand and model number. is the default IP address for some of the famous router brands. Just like the default IP address, they also have a default username and password which helps the users to protect their internet connection from hackers. That’s, why to login to http // you need to know your router’s default username and password. It’s not easy to remember all the details, that’s why we are here to help and guide you through this process.

All the IP addresses starting with 192.168 are for Private networks, mostly home connections or personal use.,, etc are some of the other default IP addresses used by Some famous router brands.

Some routers are compatible with two different IP addresses, for example, and As I mentioned earlier, it always depends on the router brands and their model number. Most of the Contemporary routers like Tp-Link routers, Linksys and some other routers use as their default address.

Though all the routers have different IP addresses, their function is the same for all routers. Since these IP addresses host the data and settings of the routers, they are also called “Host addresses”. Here’s a complete guide on “How to (Login to, Setup your router, Find routers default IP address, Find routers default username and password, Reset your router).

What can be done with Admin Login?

Since these IP addresses host the router’s data and settings, we should know what can be done with login. One can change or configure all the router’s settings just by logging into the default router IP. Here are some of the settings you can access by login.

  • DSL
  • WPS
  • WAN, LAN, and WLAN
  • IP QoS
  • DNS and PROXY
  • MAC
  • DHCP Client
  • Change Wifi name and password
  • Change the default router username and password
  • And so many other network settings.

These are only a few of the settings. Basically, you can change or configure all the settings your router has to offer.

(Fixed) I Cant access is the IPv4 network that is used for private networks. the default IP address for many famous Wifi routers and ADSL modems. All the routers have different default IP address from one another depending on their brand and model. This is to protect the routers from the hackers or any others who would try to connect to your router. It’s very important for the routers to have different IP addresses because, these IP’s host all the router’s settings and data. If one wants to change or configure the settings, they have to log in to the router by entering the default username and password. And is where your router’s login page is hosted.

Why I cannot open

If you’re having a hard time opening login page, then this tutorial will help fix all your Router login issues. Rebooting and resetting the router will fix all the issues, but I want you to try the things mentioned below before you reset your router. When you factory reset your router, you lose all the saved settings and data, and you will have to configure them again. So, please try the things mentioned below, before resetting your wifi router.

Firewall and Antivirus software: Sometimes your computer firewall or the antivirus software block users from accessing some sites. If you’re trying to login to http // but you’re not able to open it, Your computer firewall or any antivirus software installed on your computer might be blocking them. Disable your antivirus or system firewall and try to open again.

Browser cookies and extensions: Everyday we access so many different websites, and most of the websites use cookies. These cookies are saved on your browser. Sometimes these cookies have harmful viruses in them and the same goes for the browser extensions. Disable all your browser extensions and clear all the cookies and try opening again.

Wrong IP address: Many people get confused while entering IP addresses because these IP addresses are not easy to remember. Its the same as remembering the phone number and it’s not easy, that’s why some people enter wrong IP addresses. Check if you’re entering the right IP address because if you misplace a digit or a dot, you won’t be able to access If you don’t know your default IP address, then Check out “List of Default Router IP address” and search for the brand and model of your router.

Routers Firmware: Router’s firmware is nothing but the software version of your router. Just like your phone gets updates or upgrades, Routers release new firmware upgrade by fixing the old bugs found in their older versions. Open your router’s official website and check if you have the latest firmware installed on your router, if not download and upgrade it.

If you have tried all the things mentioned above and you still can’t Open the login page, then you need to reset your router. If you don’t know how to reset your router, check our article on “How to reset your Wifi router”.

And if you were able to open the login page but you can’t log in, then you should definitely check our simple tutorial on “Why can’t I login to and How to fix it?”.